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General Questions

  • What does E-Mail Processing mean? I had an email from you saying mail processing, what do you want me to do?
  • Email Processing: We have emailed you the order information, you need to reply to confirm the order information. Afterwards, we will process your order. The order status will change to “In Processing”. In case you don't reply us within 12 hours, we will start processing your order to ensure on-time delivery.
  • Can I order a Color swatch?
  • Yes you can order a Color Swatch, please contact our Live Chat support, they will help you with placing the order.
  • If I order a Flower Girl Dress and a Bridesmaid Dress. Can you assure me they will be in the same color? Is the color (e.g. Royal Blue) for Bridesmaid Dresses and Flower Girl Dresses the same?
  • Yes, we can assure you that they are in the same color, however you need to choose the same fabric for both dresses. Only then the colors really match.
  • I need my order urgently! Do you have this Dress in stock?
  • Unfortunately we tailor dresses from order to order therefore we do not have any Dresses in stock, you can place a rush order and express delivery with the exact date you need your Dress.
  • I like a dress, do you have any more pictures of it? Perhaps in different colors?
  • Unfortunately we only have the pictures displayed on our website. If you contact us directly, we can look for it, but cannot guarantee that we have more pictures.

Shipping or Payment

  • How long does your delivery take?
  • Generally it takes 12-20 Calendar Days to tailor your Dress. 4-8 more Calendar Days for Shipping. It depends on the location, you are from.
  • Express Delivery
  • If you are in a rush for the Dress, you can add the specific date you need it at in the Special Requests field. Then you are going to get your Dress on time.
  • Where are the Dresses shipping from?
  • We are shipping them from Asia, the company is based in Hong Kong, and therefore we can ship it to every country around the world without restrictions or economical embargoes.
  • Shipping Cost
  • Generally the shipping price is 20 pounds, however if your order exceeds the total order amount of 150 pounds we offer free shipping.

Quality Guarantee

  • Some Dresses are at a very low price, can you guarantee the quality?
  • We have our own workshop, where our tailors process your order. There are no middle man’s afterwards, you buy it from us, we make if for you, we ship it to you. The strict control of the production process ensures that our dresses are made with high quality.
  • Does the quality differ between normal and rush orders?
  • No, the delivery time has no affect how so ever on the quality of your order. The process is same, you just move up the queue and get express shipping.

The Color

  • Dress Colors Frequent Answers
  • - The Dresses are made according to our color chart
    - Due to lighting, computer screen settings, the fabric and camera the colors on the product
      page might differ from the color of the actual product, this is inevitable
    - If your product arrives in a very different color than advertised on the product page, please
      immediately make pictures and contact the costumer server

  • I like a Dress, but not its color. Can I choose a different color, not available on the product page?
  • You can choose on color from the color chart, or you tell us the color you want when you place the order, write the color and other requests into the Special Requirements field.

The Size

  • Size Chart
  • Our Site Chart is the UK standard size. Before placing your order, please compare your size with the chart on the page, to be sure that you place your order with the right measurements.
  • I don’t have the chance to try it on. What happens if I receive the wrong size?
  • The Dress will be tailored according to the ordered size or the provided measurements if you custom order it. The Dresses are handmade, a slight 2 inch difference might occur which is normal.

    However, if the tailor made the size completely wrong please contact us by E-Mail and attach clear pictures of the received product with tape measures according to our guide. We need these information for inquiries to our tailors and the quality check.

Return & Refund

  • I ordered a dress 3 days ago. But the event I have ordered it for was canceled, can I cancel the order and get a refund?
  • After your order was placed and the payment was processed, your order goes into the queue. Within the first 24 hours, many steps towards your Dress were already done and we might not be able to use that fabric again in a while.

    However, we do respect your decision and with a good reason, we are going to send you are refund according to the refund and return policy.

  • If the size, color or style do not match the one in my ordered, can I return the Dress and get a Refund?
  • There are factors that might slightly differ from the Product picture. A size difference of an inch or two is normal as well. But if we really send you the wrong Dress in a wrong size and color. Please contact us within 7 days to solve this.
  • I ignored the Size Chart and ordered the incorrect size. Can I exchange my dress?
  • The dresses are made for each order separately, we don’t store any. Therefore we don’t have any exchange Dresses we could offer you.

    We suggest to find a local tailor and let him alter it for you. Those are extra cost you have to bare. Otherwise you can also send it back to us and we will alter it for you. But then again, there are shipping cost you have to keep in mind.


  • Can I change the color of these ornamentation or other Details on a Dress?
  • Please contact our customer support for this inquiry, many Dresses can be changed to a certain extend. With some, we might not be able to change it.
  • I want to have a few more changes made to my dress
  •  We allow our customers to make changes to a certain extend. If you have special requirements or questions regarding changes, please contact our customer representatives, they will be able to tell you the details on each product.

  • What are Special Requirements?
  • Special requirements are changes to the dress, you can find out which details you are able to change on the dress basic design by contacting our customer support team.

  • More specific measurements
  • You are more than welcome to add more specific measurements into the Special Requirements field while ordering your Dress, this will ensure the best fit possible.

Dress Maintenance

  • How do I maintain my Dress?
  • - Dress maintenance differs from Dress to Dress, the material, attached beads, small buttons
      etc. you should maintain it according to that.
    - Wet cleaning is a good way for wedding dresses, because some small attachments and
      decorations on the dress cannot withstand chemical dry-cleaning.
    - After washing, let it dry thoroughly and store your dress in a cool and dry place.
    - Do not hang up wedding dresses

  • The Zipper is hard to zip up. What can I do?
  • The used Zippers are from YKK, they are excellent however they sometimes need a little help to be flawless. Try using hard soap or any other lubricant that might fit this need. Do not use oil or other fat containing materials, they might leave stains on your dress.

This FAQ is being updates regularly, if we missed a topic, please contact us via E-Mail or Live Chat and we are going to answer you within a short time frame.

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